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To Trad Witchcraft

A Seeker's Guide
to Understanding Traditional Witchcraft Beliefs, Concepts, Customs, Rituals, and Spellcraft.

Note: This is the traditional "Old Craft". We are NOT related to Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

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Traditional Witchcraft     Glossary of Witchcraft Terms

Articles Table of Contents

Learning About Traditional Witchcraft:

We suggest new visitors and seekers read the following articles in the order they appear:

Welcome Orientation to Traditional Witchcraft

Frequently Asked Questions about Trad Witchcraft

What Is Traditional Witchcraft? Series
An eight-part series of brief introductory articles on aspects of The Craft.

Click Here to jump to full list of articles in this series.

Thinking of Becoming a Seeker?
A discussion about living The Magical Life with some more FAQ's, this time about the path of a "Seeker" in The Craft.

Approaching the Doorway to Trad Witchcraft

  What Is Traditional Witchcraft? Series

What Is Traditional Witchcraft? - Table of Contents - An eight-part beginners series of brief introductory talks on aspects of the Traditional Craft.

Part 1:  What Is Traditional Witchcraft?

Part 2:  The Gods

Part 3:  The Spirits & The Spirit World

Part 4:  The Magical Arts

Part 5:  Ritual

Part 6:  The Full Moons & Festivals

Part 7:  Our Individual Spiritual Journey

Part 8:  Approaching the Doorway to Trad Witchcraft - Now that you understand some important basic information about the Craft, and you know you wish to try it out. What should you do now?

  The Magical Arts & Ritual

The Traditional Magical Arts & Ritual - Table of Contents

Solitary Practice

Do You Believe in Magic?

The Purposes of Magic & Understanding Energy

The Importance of Going Within

The Law of Return

The Glowing Ball Spell Ritual Meditation

Home Purification Ritual

The Nature of Curses & Their Elimination

Rituals Introduction

Ritual Tools

Festivals - Introduction

  The Moon

The Moon - Table of Contents

Full Moon Dates - Year charts with the Full Moon dates, days of the week, and GMT times.

Solstices & Equinoxes Dates - Year charts with the dates, days of the week, and GMT times.

Full Moon Celebration

Moon Myths - The Moon and its influence on our daily lives.

Moon Magic - The influence of the Moon and its phases in the workings of Magic.

  Ancillary Links & Articles

About This Website

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

Some Book and Tarot Deck Recommendations - Recommendations on other books on Traditional Witchcraft and various Tarot decks

Wicca Compared to The Traditional Craft

Can a Christian Become a Traditional Witch?

What You Need to Know About Cults - An article of CAUTION. Things you need to know before you join any group or coven.

Pantheism - NEW - What is this belief common to many (but not all) in the Trad Craft? Pantheism is part of my personal spiritual worldview.

  Pagan Resources

Ancillary Resources

Some Traditional Witchcraft Groups

Pagan Religions - Table of Contents

An Overview of Paganism Today


Religio Romana


Oracle of Delphi




Videos by Adrian Eglinton can be seen on YouTube at Blue Moon Manor - The Traditional Craft, and videos on meditation and related spirituality can be seen at On The Journey.

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