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What Is Traditional Witchcraft?

The Magical Arts
in Traditional Witchcraft
Part 4

The Traditional Witch ~ Beginner's Traditional Witchcraft 101

Welcome, seeker

How to Become a WitchTraditional Magic is an expression of the deep spiritual nature of The Traditional Craft. Sometimes referred to as folk magic, it is a product of British pagan culture. Traditional Magic is a sacred indigenous magical system that is in tune with our British roots and the ancestors.

To most people, magic deals with either stage tricks or the supernatural. But to the Traditional Crafter, or witch, magic is much more important. Magic is seen as the utilization of the forces of nature, earth energy, the very forces of the universe, in the alteration or change of our present reality as reflected in the properly defined intention of the practitioner.

It is important to realize that magic can have a profound impact on your daily life.

The act of magic is a divine act, an act of the Cunning Fire in seeing through the darkness of human ignorance in order to make one's life and the world a better place to live.

Some think that magic is "supernatural." It is not. Nature is the totality of all that exists. Therefore, magic cannot be "supernatural" because magic is part of nature, nothing is outside of nature. Moreover,  if the universe is the creation of the gods or a God, then that which the gods created is natural and within nature, which includes the totality of everything.

So, for the Trad Crafter, magic is as important as breathing air.

The spellwork of traditional Magic is effective because the Trad Crafter is trained to use techniques of empowerment. These techniques are not new. They go back for hundreds of years, perhaps longer.

Law Of Return

a manor homeTraditional Crafters subscribe to a time-honored approach to ethical and moral conduct called the Law of Return. This reflects a principle in physics in which every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. Thus applied, when an action is taken or a magical spell is cast and sent, that same energy will eventually return to the sender.

This merits caution, for only a fool will cast a spell without knowning how to control the energy of the spell and how to control its reciprocal energy. This is why seekers must receive proper training to use correct technique.

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