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Adrian Eglinton's eBook Course, The Journey To Trad Witchcraft

A Seeker's Guide to understanding Traditional Witchcraft beliefs, concepts, customs, rituals, and spellcraft.

Please Note: This Trad is part of the traditional "Old Craft".

We are NOT Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

The Eglinton Herbal Primer.

Adrian Eglinton's

Herbal Primer

A 180-page illustrated reference on Medicinal Plants and traditional home remedies.

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Herbal eBook

Solitary Practice

The Full MoonsSolitary practice in Traditional Craft has a long history in Britain. It remains popular among Trad Witches who prefer to have complete independence and solitude in their practice. The truth is that many Crafters much prefer to practice magic alone because they feel they work better alone and have a satisfying experience when they work by themselves. Many seekers find they can heal and grow at their own pace, which is sometimes faster than if they had joined a Trad group or coven. Also, many find they can focus on building their confidence, have the opportunity to work out personally meaningful rituals and spellcrafting, and gain deeper insight into magical practice more quickly in a solo environment.

Some Crafters live away from other Crafters and find it convenient to work solo. They may join together with other Crafters in a Group for some New Moons and festivals. Also, some solo seekers find they are able to progress more rapidly without the distraction inherent in a Group.

Seekers starting their practice may find the best way to work solo is to simply do the rituals as presented in the eBook Course, and in the logical order they would ordinarily be done. For example, drawing a Compass Round is rather straight forward. After a short while, the new solo practitioner will form wording that better suits them and change small details to their liking. Remember, the rituals in the eBook Course are only generic examples. I try to include every variation in the examples fully expecting new seekers to edit and change to their liking.

The Magical Pentacle

Approaching the Doorway to Trad Witchcraft - Now that you understand some important basic information about the Craft, and you know you wish to try it out. What should you do now?

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