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Traditional Witchcraft


GrapevineThe Traditional Craft or Traditional Witchcraft in the British Isles, is a heritage of Nature-oriented, spiritual, magical "Trads" or paths. It is a contemporary legacy of our living past. Blue Moon Manor is a Trad, or tradition/denomination within Traditional Witchcraft.

The Traditional Craft is a vocation, a way of life, a sacred endeavour. There is not only one way of being a Traditional Crafter. It can be a spiritual venture and trust that enhances the spirit and soul through shamanistic journeys. For others, it is a quiet magical way of life, of tending a garden and kitchen witchery. And there are many other ways in between.

Old Craft traditions had to be handed down orally and secretly. Many Crafters, or traditional witches, are mostly solitary in their practice while a few have formed groups (covens) to meet monthly to celebrate the Full Moon, or at times, a festival or life-event celebration such as a marriage or 'coming of age' and so on and so forth. But we remain hidden from outside eyes.

Some solo Crafters and groups alike maintain an ethic of secrecy that is the privilege of one's right as a member of British society. Privacy is to be highly valued. Most believe this is necessary as a protection from unwanted intrusions from curious but invasive outsiders. This can sometimes be a problem for those seeking to learn the Traditional Craft.

The principle of the self-taught seeker is an old tradition born out of necessity. But today, if the Gods are willing, most seekers will find information when needed from those willing to teach. It is quite common for most Crafters to believe that if a seeker is true, then Fate will determine access to guidance and proper instruction.

Witchcraft may seem deeply mysterious and dark to most common people, if they allow themselves to believe the nonsense on television and in the cinema. But it is the heritage of our people, their spirituality, their customs and practices ; And I assure you our ancestors were not dark or evil. They were a proud and innately good people with a strong spiritual heritage that included a tradition of the Magical Arts. It is a noble calling.

The Divine

GrapevineWe believe that the divine, or the Gods, is universal in nature and thus, everywhere. No aspect or part of our lives is without sanctity, for everything is innately divine. Therefore, magic is divine. We serve the divine/the Gods in the manner appriate to the God or Gods we thus honour. We are enveloped by divinity because of the simple fact that we live in this world.

This is one classical view of divinity in pre-Christian pagan Europe. Pagan man has always been closely connected to Nature, and the entirety of everything is part of the Gods' realm, including animals, trees, vegetation, the earth and the air we breathe. In fact, the totality of Earth and the heavens above are all part of the Gods.

Thus, the Traditional Craft of Britain is innately a deeply spiritual path. Our lives are spiritual, and all that we do is spiritual.


Spellcraft is nothing more than the use of directed energy for the purpose of creating change in pursuant of an intended goal. This change can be for healing, self-defense, self-improvement (both inner self-development and material improvement), and in other ways to aid ourselves, our family, friends, and the community. It is also used to help heal the Earth's environment, for Traditional Crafters are very connected to Nature.

First-Time Visitor

There is certainly much to learn about our heritage and traditions. Please feel free to peruse this website to gather a better understanding of the proper Old Craft.

After you have looked around and if you wish to know more, then you may take our free 7-Week Mini-Course in Traditional Magic and begin learning the core skills of authentic Traditional Witchcraft. But know clearly, this is not Wicca drivel. So, it may not be what you expect. This is the contemporary Old & True British witchcraft, The Traditional Craft.

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The four elements and directions of Nature.

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