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The Journey
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What Is Traditional Witchcraft?

An Introduction to the Blue Moon Manor Trad
of The Traditional Craft

Welcome, seeker

Traditional WitchcraftTraditional Witchcraft of the British Isles, more often called The Traditional Craft, makes it possible to embark on a magical spiritual personal journey that will fascinate the spirit within you and enrich your life around you by elevating your abilities, bring insight into your awareness, enable you to heal yourself and others, forge personal development and change, withdraw the veil for spiritual growth, and bring command into your life.

The Traditional Craft is an umbrella term for the indigenous pantheist-polytheistic family of traditional witchcraft spiritual-magical traditions in Britain. Each group in this family is called a Trad. Our beliefs and practices date back into the time period of the Old Craft, yet they are practical and relevant to daily life. Individual older Trads are probably no more than 50 to 200 years old with practices gleaned from various gathered information handed down within families.

Traditional WitchcraftToday, Traditional Witchcraft is a vibrant spiritual path with its essence and practice based in our common British ancestral pagan past. This magical path encourages an awakening of our spiritual consciousness on a level that is free of the confines of the prejudice, fear, and the intimidation found in popular religion.

The British "Old Craft" is not for everyone. It is only for those who do not mind being different, who have determination, self-pride, determination, and an independent nature. It is for those who thrive in discovering the Nameless Arte, the Sacred Magical Arts, which are the hidden way for those whose soul flourishes in Nature, which is the very essence of the divine. It is for those on a spiritual quest for awareness, for those who seek greater knowledge about our existance and understanding of the universe. It is a spiritual path of discovery, for those that understand that As Above, So Below; As Within So Without.

It is a spiritual path that reflects respect for Nature, a desire to honour the Gods and to find a viable ritual practice whose essence is a part of our own Pagan ancestry as it is understood today.

Seekers studying 'beginner witchcraft' know that this path is for those willing to learn new skills such as meditation and visualization and practice these new skills of the mind until they are well mastered. This is the key to success.

In the next pages we will introduce various aspects and beliefs of Traditional Witchcraft and this Trad.

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