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Full Moon
Dates, Days of the Week, & Times

Full Moon Rising

The Northern Hemisphere

The following is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), London, Glasgow, Dublin.
For Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the Americas (New York, Toronto): GMT -5h.
For Pacific Standard Time (PST) in North America (Los Angeles, Vancouver): GMT -8h.
For Eastern Standard Time (E.S.T.) in Australia (Sydney): GMT +10h.

Times are approximate due to variations in the precise location within the time zone.

NOTE: For the exact time for your location, there is no substitute
for the age-old method— personal observation.

Times are not adjusted to local Daylight Savings Time (DST).

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Sunday24January1:46 am
Monday22February6:20 pm
Wednesday23March12:01 pm
Friday22April 6:25 am
Saturday21May10:16 pm
Monday20June12:05 am
Tuesday19July11:59 pm
Thursday18August10:29 am
Friday16September8:07 pm
Sunday16October5:25 am
Monday14November1:53 pm
Wednesday14December00:07 am


Thursday12January11:34 am
Saturday11February00:33 am
Sunday12March2:45 pm
Tuesday11April 6:08 am
Wednesday10May9:43 pm
Friday9June1:10 pm
Sunday9July4:07 am
Monday7August6:11 pm
Wednesday6September7:03 am
Thursday5October6:40 pm
Saturday4November5:23 am
Sunday3December3:47 pm


Tuesday2January2:24 am
Wednesday31January1:27 pm
Friday2March00:51 am
Saturday31March12:37 pm
Monday30April00:58 am
Tuesday29May2:20 pm
Thursday28June4:53 am
Friday27July8:20 pm
Sunday26August11:56 am
Tuesday25September2:53 am
Wednesday24October4:45 pm
Friday23November1:53 am
Saturday22December00:07 pm


Monday21January5:16 am
Tuesday19February3:53 pm
Thursday21March1:43 am
Friday19April11:12 am
Saturday18May9:11 pm
Monday17June8:31 am
Tuesday16July9:38 pm
Thursday15August12:29 pm
Saturday14September4:33 am
Sunday13October9:08 pm
Tuesday12November1:34 pm
Thursday12December5:12 am


Friday10January7:21 pm
Sunday9February7:33 am
Monday9March5:48 pm
Wednesday8April 2:35 am
Thursday7May10:45 am
Friday5June7:12 pm
Sunday5July4:44 am
Monday3August3:59 pm
Wednesday2September5:22 am
Thursday1October9:05 pm
Saturday31October2:49 pm
Monday30November9:30 am
Wednesday30December3:28 am

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Should you wish to obtain the moon phase for another year and date, go to Lunar Calendar and scroll down below Moon Phases of 2015 and keep scrolling to just below Monthly luner calendars of 2015, and then select the year you need.

Or to Locate Moon Phase for any date and time 1800-2199 C.E.  

[Note that some sites, especially American websites, might use the term "Universal Time" (UT) instead of "Greenwich Mean Time" (GMT). They are the same thing. It is always preferable to use GMT.]

Moon Phases in pictorial form [January, 1951, through December of the current year] can be seen at: McDonald Observatory's StarDate Moon Phases .

Moon through the trees.



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