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Adrian Eglinton's eBook Course, The Journey To Trad Witchcraft

A Seeker's Guide to understanding Traditional Witchcraft beliefs, concepts, customs, rituals, and spellcraft.

Please Note: This Trad is part of the traditional "Old Craft".

We are NOT Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

The Eglinton Herbal Primer.

Adrian Eglinton's

Herbal Primer

A 180-page illustrated reference on Medicinal Plants and traditional home remedies.

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Herbal eBook

Table of Contents

To Knowledge and To Life

Articles on Magical Arts       Articles on The Moon

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The Magical Pentacle

What Is Traditional Witchcraft? - An 8-part series of articles for beginners briefly introducing Traditional Witchcraft.

Thinking of Becoming a Seeker? - A discussion about living The Magical Life with some common FAQ's answered about beginning the path of a seeker in the Traditional Craft (Traditional Witchcraft).

Do You Believe in Magic? - While most people believe that only illusion surrounds magic, deep down some of us know it has a core that is real. When we peal away the common myths, we are left with basic truths that we can use in many ways. This is the magic that is part and parcel of witchcraft.

Magic Spells in The Traditional Craft - What magic does and understanding the nature of energy and magical spells.

The Traditional Craft Compared To Wicca - This is a comparison of a few differences in the beliefs and practices of the Traditional Craft (Traditional Witchcraft of Britain) and Wicca.

Can a Christian Become a Traditional Witch? - Some seekers wonder if they can have it both ways, retain their identity as a Christian and also become a Traditional Crafter. In order to do so one must ignore the teachings of Christianity and ignore the very essence of the spirituality of theTraditional Craft. I don't believe that is possible. While we respect individual Christians, it is inappropriate for faithful Christians to try to become Traditional Crafters. We provide a list of ideas to ponder.

Rituals - Introduction

Festivals - Introduction

Solitary Practice

What You Need to Know About Cults - Provides important information about psychological manipulation that you should read before you join any group, coven, or organisation.


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