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Please Note: This Trad is part of the traditional "Old Craft".

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It is true that The Magical Life is a way of life surrounded by a mysterious magical traditions and folk customs and that are based at least in part on our heritage. In those times of yore, independently minded folk practiced the magical arts and performed ancient spells in the time-honored manner. The wise women and village wizards were highly valued for their advice, care, and assistance to local villagers. It was a time when life truly revolved around the seasons of Nature, and a time when Nature seemed so very close and yet enpowered as a mysterious and powerful force. This was felt when seeing such things as a huge full moon in the brilliantly starred heavens while standing on an isolated country hill in a forest clearing. Such experiences confirmed the magnificence of the gods and the other magical powers that envelopled the world.

Do such times of awe and wonder only exist in bygone times?

No.   Nature will forever be a glorious and wondrous experience if we choose to take the time and interest to seek it out and experience it. That means leaving the computer and the TV and going outside.

Reverence for Nature is part of the very heart and soul of all pagans, certainly including Traditional Crafters, or Traditional Witches. Today, Traditionalist Witchcraft is the contemporay expression of such reverence. It is a contemporary reflection of the old nature-based beliefs and practices of our ancesters. Trad Witchcraft has always been a personal religion of the heart, mind, and spirit. Indeed, the Traditional Craft is the very essence of our spirit, our very being and our closeness to the spirits and the gods are at our core. The Traditional Craft is indeed a way of life, for it is our life.

Traditional Magic is a vehicle that is the central essence of Nature. Magic today plays the same role that magic has always played. The Traditional Crafter uses the power of magic as a tool for protection, for positive change and personal improvement. It is a vital part of our lives.

Can anyone become a Traditional Crafter?

Not really...   as you may imagine, not to many people in our society have the certain individualism and energy to have sustained interest and determination to do the study and practice to become a Trad Crafter and discover our "mysterious" ways. This requires a very special type of person.

Also, it requires a commitment to learn Going Within, meditation, which enables the use of visualisation. An easy achievement but requires practice. Visualisation is heavily used in magical workings (spells). Later on, some may wish to also Cross The Hedge and learn shamanic journeying. It is not required but it is a viable option to consider.

So, the Traditional Craft is not for the masses. It is only for a select few that dare to take a different course, who thrive when they discover a hidden better way, who relish to discover secret knowledge of an understanding about reality that can expand and contract. It requires an adventurous spirit, one that yearns to form a new and strong relationship with Nature and the spirits, one willing to study and practice new skills, new techniques of the mind until they are mastered.

Can I become a Trad Crafter even if I have little or no psychic ability?

Yes.   Of course. It may surprise some folks to know that we are all psychic to some degree. Those with a special psychic gift have an asset that can help in many ways. But I can tell you that it is not necessary. Keep in mind that with Going Within, psychic awareness will increase, more in some seekers than in others. Everyone is different. So, if you think you have little psychic ability, do not worry about it.

Can you teach me only magic?

No.   Other groups might be willing to teach you only magic-- but we will not. In our Trad we view magic as an extension of our spirituality and of our relationship with the Gods and spirits. So for us, magic is embedded within our spirituality. We do not separate magic from spirituality.

Is This Wicca?

No.   The Traditional Craft and Wicca are very different in many ways including our histories, beliefs, rituals, customs, and magic (both magic theory and in magical practices). While we consider their magic valid, for our outllook on the nature of magic, the ceremonial rituals in Wicca are far too formal, unnecessary, and too complicated for practicality.

Just how can I become a Traditional Crafter?

Now that you understand some important basic information about the Craft, and you know you wish to try it out. What should you do now? This article continues with: Approaching the Doorway to Trad Witchcraft.

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