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The Moon And Magic

The moon in the sky.

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The moon's energy is cool, silvery-bright, and decidedly feminine. It has been known since ancient times that the moon has an affect on the tides on lakes and the high seas, on plant growth, and animal and human behaviour. The moon rules over the life-giving liquids of our own bodies, particularly the menstrual cycle and the cardiovascular system.

As the moon affects us physiologically, the energy of the lunar cycle fluctuates our emotional responsiveness and our psychic energies. Thus, it is for this reason that the moon has a direct influence on magical and spiritual workings. This is why focused emotion energizes magic. It is, in fact, an example of redirected energy.

Because of the cyclical nature of the month, the timing of spellworkings should be co-ordinated to that phase of the moon that is most appropriate and in harmony with the stated Intent of the spell. This timing in spellcraft has been acknowledged for centuries.

In utilizing the most appropriate lunar phase, you effectively provide the most advantageous energy needed to execute appropriate spells. Remember, a moon rise can occur in daylight. So, never think that spellcraft is restricted to night!

Below, the phases of the Moon are discussed.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is when the moon is completely in the sun's light and appears in her round silvery luminance. This is when the sun, Earth, and moon line up in that order and on the same line. That is, the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, so the moon appears as a full round brilliant disc.

During the Full Moon, lunar energy is at its most intense. This effects the ocean tides, animals, plant growth, and human behavior. Magical workings are especially effective at this time. This is always the preferred time for positive spells, especially those most difficult.

The Waning Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon is when the moon declines in size from just after the Full Moon to just before complete darkness.

The moon first appears with large brightness and gradually decreases in size from a large crescent and continues to diminish until only a thin sliver of crescent moon is left. The crescent is on the left side of the moon.

This period is especially favourable in matters concerning banishings, separations, endings, eliminations, and reversals. This is the time for spells related to the unwanted, the ending of relationships, relief of stress, the riddance of disease, ailments, and bad habits. It is also the appropriate time for house purification, and cleansings.

The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon (New Moon) is when the moon appears totally dark. This is when the sun, moon, and Earth are in that order in line. That is, the moon is between the Earth and the sun, so it appears as if it has disappeared.

The moon moves in conjunction with the sun, rising in the morning and crossing the sky, unseen, during daylight. This means at night there is no moon in the sky. Thus, this is the darkest night of the month. In the countryside on a starless night , you cannot see your hand before your face. It is completely dark, as if one is in a void of perception.

But within this perceptual emptiness, mystery and wonder exist. It is when one's spirit may realise the possibility of unrealised potential. On this day the moon moves in conjunction with the sun, rising in the morning and crosses the sky, unseen, during daylight. Some Traditional Crafters use this period of the Dark Moon to rest, regenerate, and meditate.

The Waxing Crescent Moon

The Waxing Moon is on a journey to brightness, from after the dark moon (new moon) to the full moon.

The moon first appears as a thin crescent moon sliver and progresses in size and brightness. The crescent is on the right side of the moon.

This is the time for spells dealing with new beginnings of every kind, a time to draw things to you in your personal life as well as in business and finance. This period is especially favorable in matters concerning growth, protection, healing, advancement, abundance, and to increase knowledge, spirituality, and fertility. It is the best time to plant seeds and new plants.


Just like the sun, the moon rises and sets every day. The time of moonrise depends upon the phase of the moon. It rises about 25 to 65 minutes later each day than the previous day. Therefore, the moon is out during daytime as often as nightime.

In magic, the presence of the moon is always desirable as it serves to boost magical energy. So, the following "poem" may help you remember when moonrise occurs, but also goes to show that magic is forever co-ordinated to the moon's divine phases.

Daytime is as magical as the night, supremely so when the Moon is present!

The Magical Pentacle

The Full Moon rises at sunset,

The Waning Crescent Moon rises at midnight,

The Dark Moon rises at sunrise,

The Waxing Crescent Moon rises at noon.

Moon through the trees.



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