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The God, Dionysus

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The Nature of Curses
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The God Dionysus, Lord of wine, festivity, fertility, and theatre.

First, understand that for the majority of curses, it is not the curse that is a problem, because most witches are very limited in their ability to cast a curse. It's an advanced task requiring skill and a great deal of energy. Thus, the real problem is the panic and fear of the victim. This means the effectiveness of the majority of curse depends much more on the victim's negative psychological state. It is the fear generated by the victim that actually does the harm and is the real power behind a curse!

Why is this so? In truth, most magic practitioners have substancial problems in casting curses. Much more than a positive spell, a negative spell requires a great deal more concentration and raw emotional energy to properly energize a curse. Most people think twice before doing anything that is by its nature exhausting, and they try to avoid it. So true with witches. Most are simply not willing to pay the price.

Of course, the energy generated by the magic practitioner in casting a curse is viable and has an negative effect. However, this plays a minor role the majority of curses compared to the victim's fear. This means the victim is in an excellent position to neutralize and eliminate the effectiveness of any curse.

Of course some would not like you to know this little secret: Two things can easily be done to be rid of a curse.

Mindful Denial

As a matter of physics and logic, if the energy of a curse is powered by the directed energy from the magic practitioner's mind, then the directed energy from the victim's mind can power a complete neutralization of the curse's power.

Knowledge is power. You now know that you have power over all curses. That power is the ability to cut off the curse's strength by cutting off your fear.

To do this, you may wish to meditate for several minutes. Then:

Consciously visualize a faucet running with water.

The water is your energy and it nourishes the curse with the energy you provide.

Now while still visualizing the faucet running with water, picture that you turn off the faucet.

The water has now stopped. The curse is no longer getting the energy it needs to survive. The curse is now of no effect!

Curse Removal Ritual

While it is not necessary to say a spell to remove a curse, it certainly will do no harm.

You will need:

  • A quiet place.

  • Table (altar) and a chair placed directly in front of the table.

  • Dagger, or any knife.

  • One or two white utility candles (or any size, new or previously used) in holder(s).

  • An incense stick and holder. I use pine incense if handy. If not, then use frankincense, or sandalwood, but other scents are may be used.

  • Matches for lighting the candle and incense. Wood matches are preferable.

While this may be done at any time, the night of a full moon is always better.

You may well wish to cast a compass round (a circle) in the regular manner, but most of the time this is very optional.

Place the white candle in holder, incense in holder, and dagger on the table in front of you.

The dagger should be in front of your power hand (right side of candle if you are right-handed) on the table.

Turn off or lower electric lights.

Light the candle and incense, preferably using matches.

Be seated in the chair directly in front of the lit candle, which should be about 2-3 feet away.

I recommend a brief meditation before beginning, such as the Glowing Ball Meditation.

After the meditation, contimplate the power of the pure energy of the flame. To do so, remain quiet, keep your eyes closed, and continue to face the candle's flame a few seconds to a minute.

When you are ready , remain seated, open your eyes and say the following (do not pick up the dagger):

Candle flame that flickers bright,
Rid negative energy with your light.
Herb for healing,
Herb for hope,
Herb for strength,
Help me cope.

I call upon my Spirit Guides and all other friendly spirits
that wish to come and aid me in this rite.

Wait a few seconds then stand. Pick up the dagger* in your power hand and extend your arms upward in a Y shape, and continue in a strong voice:

All curses great or small,
From near or far,
However sent,
Of whatever intent,
I now command you to be spent,
Dissolve and go away,
Ye not have me as your prey.
Now leave ["me" or victim's name] without delay,

Thus by my command,
["I am" or Victim's name "is"] now free of torment.

Perform a finishing gesture with your dagger* while saying:

Thus as I command,
So this energy shall flow,
And thus it shall be so!

Magic Pentacle

The ritual has ended.

You may now snuff-out the candle and incense. They may be reused in another ritual, later.

If you wish, touch the floor with your hands or bare feet to neutralize excess energy.

* When "dagger" is mentioned, you may also use any knife, wand, or your hand.

If you are right-handed use your right hand. If left-handed use your left hand.

Note: Instead of a dagger, you may also use a sword, staff, or stang, however these larger tools are more appropriate for use out-of-doors.

Moon through the trees.



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