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The Importance of Going Within
in Traditional Craft


You may be amazed to discover this simple fact that Traditional Crafters, or Traditional Witches, have been Going Within for many, many hundreds of years. Going Within facilitates Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, and Crossing the Hedge (or Shamanic Jounreying). These are among the most ancient of practices.

The key to Going Within is meditation. Of course, this a new term. It wasn't called meditation in previous centuries, and Trad Crafters never sat on the floor with their legs crossed in a half-lotus position. Nevertheless, it is meditation has always been done, and done daily. But why, you ask?

Meditation is The Key

If you wish to learn magic, then meditation is the most important single skill you need to learn. You need not be especially psychic to be a Traditional Crafter (although everyone can develop that ability), but you must know how to meditate and visualise.

This is why we begin by teaching contemplative meditation, free of charge in the Mini-Course. But don't worry, everyone can learn to meditate. Yes, everyone. We will take you step by step through the learning process. If you have the desire, we will provide the means.

Meditation is very powerful because it focuses the mind and leads to effective visualization. Together these skills become a potent toolset for heighten awareness and self control. Visualization brings a dynamic into meditation that energizes, brings clarity, and raises power- which is the hallmark of the adapt Crafter.

Through starting to meditation you will begin to gain control of your own energy and begin your vibrant transformation in achieving a heightened awareness and control of yourself and your surroundings. This awareness will bring about a connection with the magical energies you were born with. It will heighten your psychic awareness and help in the divinations you will be doing.

The ability to harness power will bring about changes in your life, it will bring a transformation that is vital for the modern Seeker. Learning to meditate well is the key to becoming a Traditional Crafter.

I suggest you form the habit of doing a daily meditation.

Yes, I know it can be difficult to get into a new habit. Yes, it is a big step. Success depends on your desire to practice the Craft, a positive desire for change. You will discover that Going Within is calming and relaxing. You will come to enjoy it very much.

Whatever your goals within Trad Witchcraft, Going Within will be the vehicle for change, the means for self-improvement. Unlocking the mysteries of British Craft that comes with this mastery of the mind. It is a fundamental ability of any Crafter, of any practitioner of the Old Craft.

Magic Spells

If you are interested, I recommend that you sign up for our free 7-week Mini-Course on Traditional Magic, which is designed to teach you meditation through various meditation exercises, and a few meditation rituals used in spellworkings. These are the first spells you will learn.

Remember, anyone can learn meditation. It is not difficult when learnt in the correct manner.

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