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Home Purification & Blessing Ritual

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It is necessary to secure our lives from external harm and to protect our hearth and home. This is a highly effective means of banishing negativity from a home and adding a wall of safety with a spell of blessing. In this ritual, we request the protection of friendly land spirits to help guard and protect us and our home.

Note I use the term "request." Spirits voluntarily help us, they do not need to help us. So we should treat the spirits with respect.

This ritual can be done after a house or apartment/condo is purchased or rented. It is best done before moving in, whenever you feel there is a need, or once a year. You may wish to repeat this ritual yearly thereafter.

A compass is not cast for a protective spell.

You will need:

  • A table.
  • A white utility candles (any size, new or used) in a candleholder for use during the ritual. At night, lights may be turned on (preferable dim) or a second candle in a holder may be placed on the table for light.
  • Incense stick and holder. For this purification spell, the use of myrrh, sandalwood, pine, cinnamon, cedar, frankincense, jasmine, musk, lotus, honeysuckle, rose, blueberry, copal, hyssop, or rosemary. Some use sage (see note)*
  • Matches for lighting the candle and incense. (Wood matches are always preferable, but standard matches are acceptable. Do not use a cigarette lighter.)
  • Bowl of salt
  • Bowl of water
  • A wand, staff, or your power hand (your right hand if you are right-handed, or left if left-handed) (Do not use a dagger.)

* Sage is also a strong herb for cleansing and purification, and some Trad Crafters will use sage in periodic house cleansing and purification. However, some Trads use sage only for purifications outside the house, as well as the purification of a room after a serious illness or death, or for some other extraordinary problem inside the house.

Step 1: Place all items on the table or on the floor if a table is not available.

Step 2: A brief centering meditation would be appropriate, or do the Glowing Ball for about three to five minutes.

Step 3: Light the candle(s) and say:

O power of fire,
Work my will by my desire.
Friendly Spirits, light my way,
Aid the magic cast this day.

Step 4: Light the incense and say:

Herb of healing,
Herb of hope,
Herb for strength,
Help me cope.

Step 5: Take the incense to the front east wall. If more than one room is on the front of the house, select the most important room on the front.  Beginning with this wall, wave the incense in one or two strokes as you visualize the smoke of negativity as it flies away from the house. Then, travel along every wall in the house and repeat. Say the following as you enter each room.

Energy of Air and Sacred Smoke,
Blow and drift away all negative energy with each stroke.

Return the incense to the table at the house center.

Step 6: Take the candle to the front south wall. Visualize the glow of negativity as it flies away from the house. Then, travel along every wall in the house and repeat. Say the following as you enter each room:

Candle flame that flickers bright,
Rid negative energy with your light.

Return the candle to the table at the house center.

Step 7: Take the water to the front west wall and asperge (sprinkle very lightly) while you visualize the water of negativity as it flows away from the ground of the house. Then travel along every wall in the house and repeat. Say the following as you enter each room:

Sacred Water comes to this house,
Clean away all negativity with each douse.

Place the bowl of water outside the house. Cover it so a cat, dog, or bird won't drink from it.

Step 8: Take the salt to the front north wall and lightly sprinkle as you visualize the vapour of negativity as it floats away from the house. Then travel along every wall in the house and repeat. Say the following as you enter each room:

Salt of the Earth, both fertile and pure,
Against negative energy, this house secure.

Return the salt to the table at the house center.

Step 9: Take the wand or staff into your power hand or use your power hand. If family members are present, put your palm up briefly so they know to remain quiet. Close your eyes and visualize the family happily living in the house for at least one minute.

When ready, open your eyes and stand with arms up and say in a strong voice:

Spirits of this hearth and home,
I (or we) request that you
Bless this house and give it warm!
Bring joy to those who grace this door!
Bring rest and comfort to the tired.
Imbue this house with love and light,
And laughter, joy, and sunshine bright!
Make this home a happy place,
Where all feel welcome in its space.
And see that only good befalls,
Those who live within these walls.

Step 10: Perform a finishing gesture with your arms or with the wand or staff while saying:

Thus by my power,
This energy shall flow,
And thus it shall be so.

Snuff or pinch out the candle. You may leave it burning if you would like to, but it is not necessary.

Step 11: Ground yourself by touching the floor with your hands or bare feet to neutralize excess energy.

Step 12: Before you collect your things and leave, be sure to first dispose of the water in the bowl by pouring it on the ground away from the house. If there is a public sewer connection, you can pour the water down the kitchen drain. Turn on the water to make sure it all goes down the drain. Do not pour down the drain if the water will go into a private septic tank. Negativity will collect.

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