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Traditional Witchcraft
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Traditional Witchcraft is an online resource by Blue Moon Manor for those interested in learning more about the Traditional Craft. It is designed as an introduction for seekers and for those curious about this Traditionalist path, with its worldview core in universal spirituality and Traditional magic. This is not Wicca. Traditional Witchcraft

The practice of Traditionalism draws upon a tremendous heritage from those that preceded us along this Old Crooked Path. It forms the basis of the profoundly inward journey we travel today, for this is a path of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-healing through the Old Ways.

This website is not for your entertainment, but for your knowledge and awareness. With that understanding, you are invited to look around and read about our Blue Moon Manor Trad. I am Adrian Eglinton, and the information I provide is my understanding of the Traditional Craft.

Videos on the Traditional Craft by Adrian Eglinton can be seen on YouTube at Blue Moon Manor - The Traditional Craft, and videos on spirituality and Going Within including meditation, astral projection, and crossing the hedge (or shamanic journeying) can be seen at Walking The Spirit Path.

Here are some articles and a FAQ to start:

Welcome Orientation - to Traditional Witchcraft

Frequently Asked Questions - If you are brand new to all of this, then read some basic questions and answers about Traditional Witchcraft in Britain.

What Is Traditional Witchcraft? - An eight-part brief article series on some fundamentals of the Traditional Craft including beliefs and aspects of the Gods, the Spirits, magic, ritual, the moon, festivals, the journey of the seeker, and what to do next.

Here are some sections you may find interesting:

Glossary of Witchcraft Terms - Learn the common terms used in the Traditional Craft.

Articles Table of Contents

Traditional Magical Arts -Table of Contents

The Moon Table of Contents

Rituals - Introduction

Festivals - Introduction

Site Map - A master list of all articles and pages on this website.

Traditional Magic

Spells should be said only by those who are fully prepared and truly ready. Just saying the words means nothing! So, you will find no spells on this website for the general public. However, I certainly will tell you about spellcraft and Going Within which is how to prepare for spell working.

Do You Believe in Magic? - A discussion about the nature of magic, and secrecy in the Traditional Craft.

Magic and Energy - Understanding the magical nature of energy and its role in spellworkings.

Going Within - Learn why meditation and visualization are important for every seeker to master.

How do I start to study and practice?

FamiliarIf you want to learn how to becoming a seeker, then first you are invited to take our free Mini-Course on Traditional Magic. This is a very important seven-week lesson programme sent about one a week to your email address.

Subscribe to Mini-Course on Traditional Magic  -  You will also receive The Manor Journal newsletter which begins after you receive your last lesson. (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

The Mini-Course is a free 7-week course that will allow you to learn how to Go Within, the form of meditation and visualization used in spellcraft and other magical practices in Traditional Witchcraft.

We also have the "Journey to Trad Witchcraft", an eBook Course (about 155 pages) on the Traditional Craft. This is an orientation to Blue Moon Manor Trad, our beliefs, our view of spirituality, practices and customs including spellcraft, and intro to divination.

If you have any questions about the eBook Course, you may wish to read, Thinking of Becoming a Seeker? which includes FAQs about about following the Traditionalist Path.

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