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Or, Staff

The staff and stang are wooden poles favored by some Crafters for use in place of a wand or dagger in ritual and magical workings.

A staff has simple blunt ends. Traditionally, a stang is a staff with a forked top. If the stang does not have a natural fork in the branches, then antlers may be attached.

Ash is the favored tree for the collecting of a stang or staff. It can be of any length, some prefer a short stang or staff of a few feet, while others prefer shoulder-length. Of course, it is a matter of personal preference.

Like a wand, it is best if the staff or stang is harvested by yourself. It is very good if you can sense the spirit in your staff. This is an important connection. This will help in bonding with it. To be fully effective, it should be as if the staff becomes part of you.

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