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A Seeker's Guide to understanding Traditional Witchcraft beliefs, concepts, customs, rituals, and spellcraft.

Please Note: This Trad is part of the traditional "Old Craft".

We are NOT Wicca.

The God, Dionysus

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Traditional Magical Arts & Ritual
Table of Contents


Woman looking in a mirror In essence, magic is the use and direction of energy for an intended purpose. All magical spells are driven by intent, which is a verbally stated intended goal, and all spells are powered by energy, the mental and allied energies that are utilized.

It is incorrect to think of magic as "supernatural". Magic is natural and always works in harmony with Nature. This is because magic is based on the use of energy, and energy is Nature, is the very force of the Presence, the First Cause, the One. Magic can succeed only when there is a physical possibility of success. Magic acts as a positive force to assist in the realisation of an intended goal.

Trad Crafters will often use friendly spirits or possibly a familiar spirit to help in magical workings.

Solitary Practice - Why it is important.

Do You Believe in Magic? - A discussion about the nature of magic, and secrecy in the Traditional Craft.

The Purposes of Magic & Understanding Energy - Understanding the nature of energy and magical spells.

The Importance of Going Within - Learn why meditation and visualization is of tremendous importance in the Old Craft Magic.

The Law of Return - Magic is subject to a basic law of physics.

The Glowing Ball Ritual Meditation

Home Purification and Blessing Ritual

The Nature of Curses & Their Elimination

Rituals Introduction

Ritual Tools Introduction

Festivals - Introduction

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